Kosho Ryu International Martial Arts Organization

Kosho Ryu is a live ancient combat study blended with modern military science. It is not a study of techniques, but rather powerful key principles and deep concepts that give birth to most inspiriting awareness in the education of martial arts.These principles can be added to any style or training in the martial arts to enhance the level of martial effectiveness.
Our members are proud to be a part of the international martial arts arena creating long and lasting friendships. Truly sharing knowledge through humility, teaching, learning and exchanging information and Ideas with others. We welcome others to be a part of a martial arts family to share in the positive growth and a meaningful relationship in study.
Charitable Initiatives – Throughout each year Kosho Ryu International offers support to the individuals and martial arts communities by providing help and assistance creating an atmosphere of empowerment, education and self-motivation through martial arts. This we have found has helped improved the quality of life for those individuals in need.

Kosho Ryu International Martial Arts Organization was established in 1992 to help unite martial artists around the world. With over 9,000 members world wide we are on our way to achieve this goal. It is our belief that martial arts in not just self defense but a common ground that can be used to bring people together to learn and help one another. Each year Kosho Ryu International grows in the brotherhood of the martial arts with people from many countries learning and sharing knowledge. Each year Kosho Ryu International instructors donate their time raising funds and teaching at charitable seminars to support students and their communities in many countries to help achieve dreams.

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International Headquarters Canada Castleton Ontario