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Martial Arts Classroom Education

Ancient Fighting Principles & Concepts

Ancient study of fighting concepts used by the old masters and the samurai. This study includes:12-6-3 theories, alignment , 7/10 method, energy vibration transfer, combative alignments, positioning ,strings, skeletal freezing , 3rd eye alignment, connection points ,the study of the ancient methods of the Kosho Ryu Octagon and many principles and concepts .

Human Body & Its Systems

Study of the human body and its associated systems as it pertains to martial arts. Includes: Kinesiology, pressure points, the skeletal system, energy flow, muscular system, nerves, the human brain and human psychology.

Health & Wellness

The study of health , nutrition , chiropractic, herbology, yoga, stress relief and sports medicine.

Modern Military Science

The study of military tactics and how defend against simultaneous multiple attacks and the understanding of the use of the improvised weapons that can use.

...the grestest strength comes from within


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