Gandmaster Buchan Video Series

Education Through Martial Arts

The first level of study in martial arts is to perfect the students physical movements so they have good basics allowing their bodies to fully integrate the movements and their minds to slowly come to an understanding of their basic use.

The second level is to teach the body and mind in a different optical manner by applying a series of concepts and theories to the style allowing them to attain a full complete intellectual understanding of the meaning behind the tecneques so they are no longer techniques.

The 3rd level is to manifest level one and two to the point were the student is just aware. In this manner they can carry out movements during combat without too much thought process.


Grandmaster Richard Buchan demonstrates the theories and concepts of ancient martial arts intertwined with modern combat principles. Deep underlining ideas are shown here using basic martial arts techniques. The focus is found looking through the techniques to understand motion, movement and the concepts of martial combat.

A Study Of Natural Laws

Ki Power

Hanshi Buchan teaching a seminar in Toronto Canada . The seminar focus was on striking with power with little movement in a small space.

The Theory of 7- 10

Hanshi Buchan teaches some basic ideas on the power of retraction. This theory can be utilized in many areas of martial arts. The concept gives birth to seeing more in-depth ideas in striking, kicking, throwing & Kata.

The Octagon

This video demonstrates the basic principles of the Kosho Ryu Octagon.

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